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ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES THEME - OLD (used in 1st series)

ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES THEME - NEW (from second series) Lyrics


THE JOLLY BOYS OUTING - CLOSING THEME - Written and Performed by Chas n Dave (featuring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst) Lyrics

"How's It Going Dave" From "Big Brother"

"Your Dad Always Said Del Would Reach The Top..." From "Big Brother"

"We Don't Pay Tax or VAT..." From Big Brother

"You Dozy Twonk" From Big Brother

"The French Have a Word For People Like Me..." From Big Brother

"He Who Dares Wins" From Big Brother

"Viv La France as they Say in Rome" From Big Brother

"Is This A Way Of Telling Us You Wet The Bed" From Go West Young Man

"Mon Due" From Go West Young Man

"A Right Night I've Had..." From Go West Young Man

"It's Been So Long Since Rodney Had A Bit On The Side.." From Go West Young Man

"Why Didn't We Think Of That..." From Cash N Curry

"Vimal Me Old Mukka" From Cash N Curry

"Par De Calais" From Second Time Around

"Oh Contraire Rodney, Oh Contraire" From A Slow Bus To Chingford

"This Time Next Year Will Be Millionaires" From A Slow Bus To Chingford

"Is It Ours Del..Don't Split Hairs With Me" From The Russians Are Coming

"You Dozy Little Twonk Rodney" From Christmas Crakers

"He's Not In..." From The Yellow Peril

"Where You Been..." From The Yellow Peril

"What Do You Think I am, Some Sort Of Wally" From "To Hull and Back"

"One Thing I Know About Is Kosher Readies" From "To Hull and Back"

"Me Old April Was Going Like A Moped" From "To Hull and Back"

"Bright as an Eclipse From" From "To Hull and Back"

"As They Say In France Chasse De Forme" From "To Hull and Back"

"Oh Derek, Who's A Pretty Boy Then" From To "Hull And Back"

"Six Thousand Pounds Split Three Ways Means..." From To Hull And Back

"We'll Invest It" From "To Hull and Back"

Nightclub Scene From "Jolly Boys Outing" (Cut From DVD/Video)

Carmina Burana composed by Carl Orff (Theme From Omen) - Damiens Tune

"She's Still Married...Almost Pukka" From Miami Twice (The American Dream)

Big Brother 2 Housemates Discuss Only Fools and Horses

OFAH Museum Report on Anglia TV (20th July 2001)