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An Experience buying a 24 MONTH MEGA GIFT WARRANTY From Bashers123z

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A friend of mine purchased a 24 Month Gift warrant from Bashers123z (may also be known as Alan or Dave operating in Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, Glasgow) on eBay August 2014, everything looked good and the seller had 100% feedback and took pride in the fact that he had this, my friend contacted Bashers123z to ask a few questions and he replied within minutes, he duly paid his £25 which gave him a 100% Guaranteed 24 Month Channel List Warranty.

The service ran really well with very little glitching and scrambling, then suddenly on 14th February (around 6 months after purchase) the channels stopped working on both their multi-room boxes, and my friend attempted to contact Bashers123z via email, but got no response, my friend tried again still no response, they then tried to message Bashers123z via eBay but again still got no response.

We have checked eBay and can confirm that Bashers123z is still selling on eBay in fact a new listing advertising a 24 Month Gift Warranty was posted the following day my friend lost his channels. We have also noticed that someone else has posted negative feedback in December 2014 saying that their 24 Month warranty also only lasted 6 months (same as my friend). Unfortunately my friend cannot leave feedback as eBay will not let you leave feedback after 60 days.

The reason I am posting this is because I recommended this to my friend who has little experience with eBay and told my friend he had little to worry about as Bashers123z has many hundreds of good feedback (now over 1100) and at the time had 100% positive feedback (now 99.7%). It appears I was wrong to fully trust Bashers123z's feedback

My friend has sent Bashers123z an email to advise him that I am creating this page and given Bashers123z a chance to respond prior to posting this online I have also sent him link to this page and if he responds at any time I would gladly put a copy of his reply on this website.


UPDATE: 20thJune 2015
A kind reader of this website, has got in contact with me and has given me Bashers123z Facebook page address:
(you may need to copy and paste the address above into your browsers address bar)

**** Update: 14th July 2015: His Facebook page seems to have totally disappeared now ****

**** Update: 1st July 2015:Since Uploading his Facebook page to this site Alan/Bashers123z has made most of his facebook page private and you can no longer view details of his "Bargain Sky TV" ****

**** Update: 22nd February 2016: He is now going by the name of Aldofaldo Maxwell on Facebook and is still scamming people by selling new boxes, he is claiming that the offline status his customers are getting is because Sky have increased their secuirty making the F5s boxes unstable and causing channels to disappear (see copy of his post below), at present the only thing thats unstable and making channels disappear is the scam he is pulling on anyone that purchases from him ****

This Facebook page appears to be correct as he is offering the same services in the Glasgow area and the Mobile number in the advert on his Facebook page (advert shown below)....
facebook advert

...matches the phone number in the advert he put on ebay a few years back (click link below to compare)
click here to see a screenshot if the link above is removed

It does appear customers that are local to him he does actually honor what he is selling, it seems to be people he deals with from outside his local area he is intent on scamming.

I am passing on this information as another means of getting in contact with Bashers123z (also seems to be known as Alan or Dave from Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, Glasgow)

If you have had any experience with Bashers123z on eBay please let me know, please use the contact form below:


I am unable to provide any support via email:

 if you are getting a $crambled Message please contact your line provider (if you dont know who that is then its probably whoever sold you the box), if you get any other message such as No Signal or the box is stuck on LOAD or restarts then please post your problems on a forum such as techkings.org or digital-kaos.co.uk

If you are looking for a new line then sorry I am unable to recommend one, but you could look here,


Check out the thread titled Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Satellite where you can try different providers to see what one is best for you


Here is some of the feedback I have had already:

"Recently bought a line from "rdow3342" from Bellshill, South Lanarkshire for only £4.99. Line worked well until I foolishly gave him feedback (waited until 20/12/2016) and then the line cut off overnight. Originally the Supplier sent me line bearing the name Allen Chamberlain in the email and with multiple emails back requesting to investigate the line not working (bought 15/11/2016) I have had no reply. I'm guessing the name "Allen" being used I should have know better after reading this...."

"I purchased from this user and mine to was fine all worked great . I then decided to be a reseller of his gifts and purchased over 100 of them all was going well and was just going to transfer another ton of cash and BANG all my lines scrambled every 30 seconds i then had to transfer all of the to a more stable one"

"Yes. This seller is a fraudster. He did the same to me. Mine also went off just within 6 months"

"This scammer did same to me the gift only lasted 6 months"

"I've also done the same thing with him. I bought a 24 month last August and it lasted about 4 months or so, i have numerous emails to him and he has not replied. I didn't leave feedback in the first place as i was wary of it lasting but of course by the time it went off, ebay wouldn't let me warn others on feedback. Exactly the same experience here. feel so sorry for those buying off him"

"hi , i bought 3 sky gifts also from the above seller, and they all went dead before 6 months even.... tried contacting him but no reply at all....."

"Worked well for 6 months then nothing."

"3 of us bought same thing all got switched off after six months."

"I got a 24 month gift from him and it went off after six months. my father in law also had the same problem with him. he wont reply to any emails he is a total scam"

"You are spot on! About 6-7 months into the gift it stopped working, no reply to my emails or ebay messages either."

"i bought from this person every thig was ok asking him questions helped me sort out a few problems i did think he was a good seller but as soon as i gave him feedback it all stoped the box was forever glitching scramberling and every time i tryd to get in touch with him i never got a replie it got so bad this was just after 6 weeks i had to buy another package from someone elce from which ive had great support and would recommend him to every one"

"Seems very similar to one I purchased, the logo used is identical but the seller name was apecospec. The seller ID then changed to doublelogic but is now shown as no longer registered on e-bay. Like others it worked fine for five months then disappeared, could be the same scammer."

"I got my money back from PayPal as he stated 24 months gift card Guarenteed, that means PayPal has to give money back to those who report it, paypal was not going to give me the money back until I told them it was a Guarentee for 24 months, not 90 days or 80 days they had to give money back!"

"hi just letting you know had same problem 24 month and only got about 6 months tried to contact but nothing it seems you get good service for a while which gives him good feedback on ebay after that cant contact him at all .
he also used email : aldo20569@gmail.com"