CWAITE's Sky Numbered Channel List

This list is designed to work with Skybox/Openbox/Libertview F5S (it may also work on other boxes)

I am getting no Signal on Some of My Channels

If you are getting No Signal on all of the Frequecies listed below, when another reciever that is connected to the same dish is switched on

11817 V
11895 V
12205 V
12285 V
12324 V
12480 V
12552 V
12610 V

The frequencies can be found below the channel name when changing channels

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Then you may need a NO SIGNAL FIX cable

To check the problem further, disconnect any other satellite recievers that are connected to the same dish from the mains (putting the receiver in Standby will not work actually disconnect from the mains). If the signal returns to these channels then I would be certain you would need a NO SIGNAL FIX cable, you can find these on Ebay. Click Here to Search eBay

What does the NO SIGNAL FIX cable do?

A basic explanation of why this occurs is the LNB on your satellite dish requires a low voltage for vertical polarized channels (around 13 volts) and a high voltage for horizontal polarized channels (around 18 volts). A standard cheap sky quad or universal LNB will operate with the low voltage range as somewhere between 10-15 volts and high voltage as somewhere between 16-20 volts. The problem is the box puts out a voltage of around 16-17 volts for low and 20-21 volts for high which means that the polarization remains horizontal even when it should switch to vertical. A decent quality LNB (like that in a motorized dish) will operate with low voltage as anything below 18 volts and high as anything above 18 volts hence why the box works fine on some set-ups, but not others. Our device corrects this voltage differential without adding any potentially damaging extra resistance to the tuner circuit, such as that caused by in-line amps (which can also lead to you losing other channels in some cases). Using our device means the box will then work properly as the LNB can differentiate between high and low voltage, and in turn vertical and horizontal polarization.

If you are getting NO SIGNAL on channels with H to the right of the frequency, then the NO SIGNAL FIX will not fix your problem, check your connections from the box to the dish

 The NO SIGNAL FIX Cable will NOT fix problems with Channels showing Scrambled if you are getting Scrambled on some channels Click Here

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