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Buster Merryfield who played Uncle Albert sadly passed away on 23rd June 1999, below are tributes sent in by fans or him and the show.  All tributes received have now been passed to Buster's family.

Dear Chris,

I would just like to pass on my condolences to the Only Fools and Horses cast and everyone, especially Buster Merryfield's family on his death today.

I wish every one well

Best Regards

Michelle Ashworth

I was so sorry to hear of Buster Merryfield's death he was a very nice man, I would like to send my condolences to his wife and family.


Hi there Chris,

Well I don't usually write things like this because I feel that it's intruding into people's private grief and I feel that there's far too much of that these days.

I am not a great fan of 'Only fools and Horses' it has to be said, but I can honestly say that the character of 'Uncle Albert' as created ( for it is the actor I believe who actually 'creates' a character ) by Buster Merryfield  was the one who, for me, made the rest of the programme work.

I was greatly saddened today to learn of Mr. Merryfield's death and to everyone associated with the t.v. show I wish to send my best wishes. To his family I would just like to say there are a great many of us who, like you, are grieving for this charming man.

God Bless you Buster.


I would like to pass my deepest condolences to the family and the whole "Only Fools & Horses' crew on the tragic death of Buster. He was a comic genius and portrayed the role as only a true professional could. His smile, his frown   and his infamous quotes will live with me for the rest of my life. He always took the second position in the show but some feel, including me, Only Fools and Horse's success on the small screen lay solely on this charming gentleman.

Will Miss U.


I am as shocked as all Fools Fans are to hear the sad news. I feel as I'm sure many will as if I have lost an Uncle from my own family. Having  read Busters autobiography I am happy to know that he will feel peace now, and he was happy in the knowledge that he will live on in his family. I would like to send my sympathy to his family.


Dear Sir/Madam

It is with deep pain and sorrow that I write this message. Only Fools and Horses was my favourite TV programme of all time with (Uncle Albert). I grew up with him and the show. I shall treasure my videos and memories. Buster was my favourite actor of all time and the show the greatest.

I shall have many happy fond and painfull memories, my heart goes out to you all.

Mark Hodgman


I was so sorry to hear about passing away of Buster Merryfield. He was a very nice man and a pleasure to work with. He will be missed by all connected with the show and by his many fans.

Jeff Stevenson

Hi Chris,

Just like the many other fans I would like to offer my condolences to Buster's family and friends. Lots of us didn't know Buster personally, but we feel we knew him through Uncle Albert. I have to admit, initially I didn't think he met the standard set by Lennard Pearce, but having watched the repeats and videos recently I do think he equalled Lennard. A compliment in itself! A great actor, and I am sure a lovely man. Now I just hope the BBC will show all of the episodes again in Buster's memory. Surely that would be a fitting tribute, and will also give the viewers a chance of happiness in this time of great sadness.


Andrew Lisle

Buster was the greatest old actors ever. I would like to let his family and the cast know everyone loved him and i offer my condolences.

He will live long in our hearts and on our screens.


Dear Chris,

I just want to express my sorrow and sadness at the sad death of 'Uncle Albert' Buster Merryfield. Since the day I was born my family have been great fans of 'Only Fools and Horses' and so Delboy, Rodney and Uncle Albert have become like part of the family too, even now the show is still up there with my favourites. I'll never forget Buster/Uncle Albert and I hope that he is resting in peace and is happy where ever he is. 

I'd just like to say to his family and friends and of course to the cast of OFAH that my heart goes out to them, and i'm sure Buster is in a happy place watching over them all. You will meet again, i'm sure of it.

Alison Hall

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Hiya Chris, well I deeply sad that buster has died, he was a very nice man and I will deeply miss him. I met buster twice in one of his favorite towns which was Weymouth Dorset, he was walking along the seafront with his wife iris. I feel deeply sorry for her and wish her the best things for the rest of her life, all I know now is that we have lost a great human being, (Buster we love you)rest in peace god bless you.

from Kane Scott-Lee

Thank you to everyone for their kind contributions to this page.

Tributes From The Cast

"Buster Merryfield's death is a great loss to me personally, as well as to his family and the rest of the country. He was a great man and a joy to work with. I will seriously miss him both as a friend and an actor."  David Jason

"He was a gentle, sweet-natured man and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. He made the role of Uncle Albert a national institution and I'm sure TV center will be a sad place tonight."  Nicholas Lyndhurst.

"I find it very upsetting having worked with Lennard Pearce, then Buster, to have lost them both. Buster took over from Lennard and he made a completely new character all his own. Everywhere I go, people talk about him and love him. Apart from being a smashing actor, he was also a lovely man. I shall miss him."   John Challis

"Buster made an indelible mark as Uncle Albert and will be very much missed."    Roger Lloyd Pack.

"It's a very sad loss. I will remember him fondly, he was a real gent."    Kenneth MacDonald

"Buster was a true professional and we will all miss him very, very much."    Gwyneth Strong

"Buster was a warm and lovely man."   John Sullivan