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Filming DatesIt's been a good month for Trotter's Independent Trading Company. The unprecedented demand for ladies razors has meant Del and Rodney can escape the daily struggle for a while and enjoy life's rewards. Uncle Albert's unmissable hints abou this forthcoming birthday means there's a celebration on the cards and the new computer dating agency means romance is in the air.



The Boys in The Nags HeadRodney takes nervous Nerris for the ride of her life.

While Rodney's afternoon cruise in the three-wheeler with Nervous Neris proves memorable for all the wrong reasons, Del's date as tycoon, Derek Duvale, has more success in finding himself 'a local bird that won't need too much driving'. His ambitions to meet a girl who's refined enough to tell the difference between a bottle of Liebfraumilch and a bottle of Tizer seem to have been met by Raquel, who's "not a bird, she's an actress." And it's not long before their lunch at the Hilton leads to things getting more serious. It looks like everything's working out jubbily until Albert's birthday knees-up is called to a halt by a couple in naval uniform...

Delboy Holding Flowers


Music Featured

"Burning Bridges" Composed by Rossi/Brown.