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delmafia.jpg (10813 bytes)Del and Rodders go trans-Atlantic in this feature Christmas special. Del and Rodney end up in a club and meet some very hospitable Americans only to later find out they are in fact the Mafia, who need Del to aid in faking Donaceti's death to avoid his certain imprisonment. Special Guest Appearance by: Barry Gibb (Bee Gee's).




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Fools Fact: Cock-up:At the beginning of the episode Delboy asks a local to take a photo of himself and Rodney, the local looks at the camera he owns, then looks at Delboy's and runs off with it. Although Delboy chases after him we assume Del never catches him, however in the next scene when Delboy and Rodney are hiring the camper van, Delboy, quite clearly has the camera hanging round his neck.


A sharp eyed fan E-Mailed me to the prove me wrong about the cock-up, below is a copy of his email:

I'm sorry mate, but in fact your wrong. Although Del-boy has his camera stolen, then chases after the bloke and then you see him in the next scene with his camera again, it isn't a cock-up or a break in continuity. Just watch the scene again, and your'll clearly see that Del-boy has two cameras. His own and the other geezer's camera. That's the joke!!!!

Cheers Rob (not Dave) from Catford for pointing this out! (What a plonker I am!)


Changes Made To This Episode On Video:

-  Opening music changed from Rocking All Over The World by Status Quo to Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears.

- Audience laughter has been added.

- Opening titles removed to make this part and The American Dream into one episode.

- Nightclub music changed from Baby, Baby - Amy Grant to Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul

- Nightclub scene cut on the introduction to Richo and Co.