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DelboyDel has bought himself a book ("All words, no pictures") which is the New Man's manual to the 21st century. He is earning to show appreciation and give attention to his partner Raquel, if only she'd stop talking while he's trying to read! The book also urges him, as if Del needed any urging, to make "decisive and positive decisions". It is as a result of some of Del's "decisive and positive decisions" that the Trotter's finances have now hit an all-time low and they have a very angry Sikh after their blood.

Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) who, as an employee of Titco. plc is accustomed to the security of an irregular wage, is becoming more and more disillusioned with his lot in life and is also looking to the future. Over drinks at the Nags Head Rodney meets up with his old pal, Mickey Pearce (Patrick Murray), who is bragging about his new job of selling "solar windows". "I'm not a double glazing salesman, I'm almost a scientist." When Mickey pours scorn upon Rodney's position with Trotters Independent Traders - "You're like a 34-year-old paper boy" - Rodney decides to grasp the nettle and apply for another job he's seen advertised.

When Del discovers Rodney's plan, he head hunts his brother by offering him promotion to 'Head of Sales' and an increase in wages. When Rodney points out that he isn't paid regularly as it is, Del promises "Well, I'll owe you more." Del and Rodney decide to perform major surgery upon Titco's business structure, but it is they who end up in the casualty department.

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Delboy and Rodney with Dr Singh (the angry Sikh after Del's blood)