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The much awaited series 4 is to be released as a complete VHS video on 5th March 2001. The series includes Happy Returns, Strained Relations, Hole In One, It's Only Rock and Roll, Sleeping Dogs Lie, Watching The Girls Go By and As One Door Closes. To pre-order your copy now click here.



Only fools and horses star Patrick Murray who played Mickey Pearce has walked out of his job as a pub lanlord after 12 days.

Patrick and his partner Sonia Dudley were hired to run the Black Horse, Borough Green, Sevenoaks but handed in their notice after only 12 days in charge.

A spokeswoman for the pub said "He didn't run away with any money or anything, it just didn't work out, Patrick and Sonia found it too quiet". However one customer told a local paper that "No-one liked him as he tried to change the pub".

Source Teletext 28th December 2000



MORE people visit London thanks to Del Boy than Princess Diana. 

The appeal of the cockney wideboy, played by David Jason, is now drawing tourists from all around the world. 

A new survey of foreign visitors reveals Peckham's finest trader is the capital's most famous resident, second only to the Queen. 

He even outscores Tony Blair among the 200 overseas tourists questioned by by attraction ticket firm The London Pass. 

The Prime Minister falls to fifth in the table behind the late Princess Diana and new Mayor Ken Livingstone as London's most famous inhabitants. 

30th November 2000 Daily record



David Jason is to become a father for the first time at the age of 60.

The star of Only Fools And Horses and A Touch Of Frost said he and his partner Gill Hinchcliffe, 41, were "absolutely delighted".

The couple, who have been together for four years, are expecting their first child in the spring.
A statement on behalf of Jason, who is currently in Yorkshire filming new drama Micawber, said: "While they would have liked to have been allowed to make the announcement in their own time, they are both absolutely delighted."

17th November 2000



A pub landlord has converted his boozer into a shrine to classic BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses.

Obessed Phil Hurrel has renamed his pub in Peckham, 'sarf' London, The Nag's Head in honour of Del Boy and Rodney's favourite watering hole.

Pride of place in the 135,000 "luvvly jubbly" revamp is the Trotter's famous yellow three wheeler - one of the TV show's originals from the 1980s.

The diamond geezer's van takes pride of place in the bar. Phil hopes that by this time next year the crafty wheeze will make him a "millyonaire".

Phil, nicknamed Boycy by friends after Del's car dealer friend, has more than 80 signed pictures of the stars in his bar, including one of Del, played by David Jason, and Rodders (Nicholas Lyndhurst).

"I'm a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses," Phil said. "I have been a publican for 30 years, so I decided to merge the two and came up with the Nag's Head. This should really put Peckham on the map."

Regulars can watch re-runs of the show while enjoying Pukka food and pina coladas, reports the Daily Star.





John Challis, Sue Holderness, Kenneth Macdonald and for the first time Roger Lloyd pack will be attending the Memorabilia Show at the Birmingham NEC on 25th and 26th November 2000, John, Sue and Mike will also feature in a live Only Fools and Horses show at the event on both days. In addition to this they will be signing autographs. There will also be an extensive merchandise stall.



The second series of Portugal's Only Fools and Horses (O Fura-Vidas) , composed by 13 episodes is due for transmission the 9th of  November. These new episodes are 50 minutes long, and the first one to be  transmitted is "Dates", to introduce the character correspondent to Racquel,  this new series is still features  Granddad as opposed to Uncle Albert. Further episodes are scripted from the British version of the show's series 6 and 7.


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The most famous three-wheeled van in the UK has been saved from the scrap heap and is to be auctioned off for charity according to the sun. Until recently Del Boy's yellow Robin Reliant from the TV series Only Fools and Horses had been rotting away at Reliant's HQ in Tamworth, Staffs, the paper says. It will now be auctioned for the children's charity the NSPCC on 2nd November 2000.


Click here to see the Bid-up.Tv NSPCC auction trailer featuring the trotter mobile



The British Film Institute says Fawlty Towers was Britain's best ever television programme. But some people think the BFI has got it wrong and wonder why Only Fools and Horses didn't make the top spot. In fact it was only 45th on the list! The survey comes less than a month after another poll, for the Radio Times, chose two scenes from Only Fools and Horses as the greatest sitcom moments of all time. 

Top was Del and Rodney's disastrous attempt to fit a chandelier in a country house while second place went to the scene in which Del Boy falls through an open bar hatch while ogling a pair of glamorous women in a pub.

Source Annanova 5th September 2000



It has been confirmed the two more Fools and Horses DVD's are due for release in November 2000, these are The Jolly Boys Outing due for release on 2nd November 2000, it is rumored to feature some interactive features including a  Nelson Mandela House menu system with lighting floor levels/Added text based features including Wide Boys Guide to Peckham, the DVD  can now be ordered to be dispatched when released. Click Here for Ordering details. Also due for release on 20th November 2000 is the Complete Series One Click Here for Ordering details



The Frog's Legacy is due to be launched on DVD from 20th October 2000 according to, the DVD is in Region 2 format which means that it can only be played on players that will play disc's purchased in Europe, the Middle East or Japan. It can be ordered from this site. Click here to order now.



Del and Rodney's disastrous attempt to fit a chandelier in a country house in Only Fools and Horses has been listed as the greatest sitcom moment of all time. The scene, which sees a crystal chandelier crash to the ground after being mistakenly unscrewed by the pair's grandad, tops a new top 50 of classic comedy segments.


It is one of three moments from the hit sitcom featured in the list, compiled for Radio Times by 17 experts including comedy veterans Ronnie Barker and Victoria Wood and former Men Behaving Badly star Caroline Quentin. 


Second place went to the scene in which Del Boy falls through an open bar hatch while ogling a pair of glamorous women in a pub.

Rodney's first meeting with his brother's baby, Damian, in which he envisages the boy as the antichrist in classic horror film The Omen, came in at number 48.


Other vintage moments topping the list include the scene in which a drunken Eddy falls into a bed of flowers on Absolutely Fabulous, which is at number three.


The Dad's Army scene in which hapless Captain Mainwaring accidentally reveals Pike's name to a German U-boat captain with the immortal line "Don't tell him, Pike" is in fourth place and rounding off the top five is Alf Garnett's attempt to argue that Jesus was English in Till Death Us Do Part.


Of the shows in the top 10, only one, Absolutely Fabulous, hails from the 1990s, and the vast majority of those listed are from the 70s and 80s.

Fawlty Towers has five entries in the top 50 - the most of any individual show - while 90s classic I'm Alan Partridge notches up four.

One of the judges, Radio Times columnist Mark Lewisohn, said: "The top three prove that, no matter how sophisticated we might consider our tastes, people still love a good old-fashioned pratfall. "

13th August 2000



The head of BBC Comedy has admitted the corporation is in talks to bring back Only Fools and Horses. Geoffrey Perkins says the BBC is in negotiations with writer John Sullivan about the possibility of new episodes of the highly popular comedy. The BBC first began broadcasting the sitcom in 1981, reports Produxion. The last episode of the series about Del Boy and Rodney was screened in 1996, when the brothers finally became millionaires. Mr Perkins says the family's fortunes could be reversed if the show is revived.



Only Fools and Horses star Nicholas Lyndhurst is to play a dodgy doctor unwittingly caught up in the criminal underworld in a new TV drama, the BBC has announced.

The 39-year-old actor - who played hapless Rodney Trotter in the long-running sitcom - will star as Bristol GP Dr Graham Moss in the BBC1 film.

His character in the, as yet untitled, drama is described as a financially struggling, "big-hearted" doctor who happily gives sick notes to work-shy patients.

But when he meets frail pensioner Mrs Jerome, played by acting veteran Geraldine McEwan, he is inadvertently drawn into the murky machinations of the local gangland.

The police then try to use him to infiltrate Mrs Jerome's criminal family in a bid to foil their attempt to rob the Royal Bank of Bristol.

Also starring in the film will be Playing the Field actor Tim Dantay, as Det Insp Grover.



Fans of Only Fools and Horses are hoping for a new series of the classic comedy after the BBC hinted it might make a comeback.


A new series would follow the exploits of lovable Del Boy and Rodney, played by David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, after they became millionaires at the end of the show's last series.


A BBC spokeswoman said: "We would love to bring it back. We never say never but all the right pieces have to be in place before anything could happen."

She refused to confirm or deny that BBC bosses were discussing a new series with Jason, 60, and Lyndhurst, 38.


Actors Tessa Peake-Jones, who played Del Boy's wife Raquel, and Gwyneth Strong, who played Rodney's wife Cassandra, could return, along with John Challis (Boycie) and Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger).


Sadly, Buster Merryfield, who played Uncle Albert, died a year ago aged 78.


Only Fools and Horses was one of the most successful shows in British TV history.

It ran for 15 years from 1981 and the final episode, shown at Christmas 1996, was seen by more than 24 million people.


Recently the BBC turned down Jason's offer to make a special one-off millennium edition.




Lance Gahan has been dubbed a right plonker after changing his name to that of his television hero - Derek Trotter.

He's bought a yellow Robin Reliant just like Del Boy's in the BBC series Only Fools and Horses and even wants his girlfriend Rachel to change her name to Raquel.

Lance, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, spends hours watching Only Fools and Horses videos and even tries to imitate Del Boy's south London accent.

Lance told The Sun: "The lads at work think I'm barking mad, but I think it's fantastic fun."

"I've been mad about the show since I saw the first episode, so becoming a real-life Del is luvvly jubbly, as he would say."

"I do a pretty good imitation of Del. Some people might think it's boring but it has me in stitches."

Long-suffering Rachel said: "His Del obsession is getting worse. I didn't believe him at first when he said he was changing his name by deed poll."

"He wants me to call him Del and I do sometimes to humour him. But I've told him Rachel is near enough to Raquel."



The follow up book for The Bible Of Peckham will be released on 7th October 2000, it will feature scripts from series six and seven, the book can be pre-ordered now, click here for more details on ordering the book.



A second audio cassette of episodes from the series has been announced, it will be released under the BBC Radio Collection it will feature four episodes from series b which are, The Long Legs Of The Law, The Yellow Peril, A Losing Streak and No Greater Love. The cassette can be pre-ordered for it's release on the 2nd October 2000, click here for more details on ordering.



The complete series seven is to be released on video on 2nd October 2000, it features classic episodes including the hilarious episode featuring that classic song Crying (sorry Cwying!)  the following episodes are featured,  The Sky's The Limit, The Chance Of A Lunchtime, Stage Fright, The Class Of 62, He Ain't Heavy He's My Uncle and Three Men A Woman And A Baby. The Video can be pre-ordered click here for more details on ordering.



The BBC was left deeply embarrassed yesterday when ITV announced that it is producing a 4 million Charles Dickens adaptation for David Jason, which was rejected by the corporation after an argument with the actor.

David Jason has teamed up with John Sullivan to make Micawber - a comedy based on the Dickens character from David Copperfield.

The series had originally been written for the BBC by Mr Sullivan last year, but he walked out of the corporation after 25 years when his scripts for a one-off David Copperfield adaptation were rejected as "not up to scratch".

Jason left the BBC's Copperfield production in support and the corporation was forced to bring in Bob Hoskins to play the Micawber character for the Christmas broadcast.

A source at the BBC said yesterday that losing the team of Jason and Mr Sullivan to ITV had been a "disaster". Speaking at the Montreux Television Festival in Switzerland yesterday, David Reynolds, the executive producer of Micawber, said: "Everything did get pretty evil and silly with the BBC. I think they have realised they did not treat him the way a top writer should be treated. ITV is better at looking after their talent."

Micawber will be broadcast as four one-hour episodes. A statement from David Jason yesterday said: "I very much hope I can make Micawber a house-hold name. He's a loveable rogue with a heart of gold. Always jovial with a generosity beyond his means. It is terrific to work with the same team again and I hope some of the old magic will return."

John Sullivan was paid a six-figure sum by the BBC to develop his Dickens adaptation, but used the money to buy back the rights to the new storylines he had created. The storylines will now be filmed in September.

This news has come as a big blow to the hopes of many fans for new episodes of Only Fools and Horses. Do you still have any hope of new episodes of Only Fools and Horses being made?



Some of you may have noticed that three only fools and horses fans were invited to the BBC's Whatever You Want TV program (broadcast Saturday 29th April 2000), all of the contestants on the show were asked questions about the series, below are the questions asked:


What is Rodneys middle name?

What happens to Del in the famous Wine Bar clip?

In what year was the first Only Fools and Horses broadcast?

What does Albert say to the German girl when he tells Del that he can speak a bit of German?

In the closing titles, what footballers tracksuits can be bought from a mush in Shepardsbush?

In the Jolly Boys Outing Del boy and Rodney play Trivial Pursuit, When asked what is a female swan called what answer does Del give?

Who played Grandad?

In Danger UXB, Del, Rodney, and Albert are sitting in the flat, suddenly they here a shusshing sound, what happens next?

In the episode Heroes and  Villains which superheroes do Del and Rodney dress up as?

Delboy plays poker with Boycie in A Losing Streak, Boycie says to Del "Is that all you've got Del", Del replies "No Rodneys Got The Rest". How much money does Rodney give Del?


Martin was a clear winner with ten points at the end of the game after being seven points ahead of Colin and ten points ahead of Nik, as a prize Martin was given a replica Reliant Regal Supervan III. 



Over the past few weeks there has been talk of Only Fools and Horses being released on DVD, it is rumored that the first episode to be release will be The Jolly Boys Outing which should make an appearance in the Autumn in the UK. So far nothing has been confirmed but I will pass on more details when I get them.



Del Boy Trotter is the most popular British television character of all time, according to a new survey.

The Only Fools and Horses wheeler-dealer, played by David Jason, has taken more than a third of the votes in a poll conducted by UK interactive TV service Open.

His success comes three weeks after the classic series was voted the UK's best-loved sitcom in a survey run by internet bank

Commenting on the result, Jason said: "I'm thrilled that Open viewers have voted so strongly for Del.

"I'm sure Derek Trotter would be thrilled too and, if he could, he'd probably say, 'This year the world, next year the universe'. Thanks again to everybody who took part in the survey."

All top five places in the poll went to sitcom leads, with Royle Family layabout Jim Royle, alias actor Ricky Tomlinson, in second place, on 14% of the vote.

One Foot in the Grave's Victor Meldrew, played by Richard Wilson, came in third. The Vicar of Dibley's Rev Geraldine Granger (Dawn French) and Joanna Lumley's Patsy Stone character from Absolutely Fabulous were in fourth and fifth places respectively.

Other high scorers included TV presenters Rolf Harris, Carol Smillie, Jeremy Clarkson and Naked Chef Jamie Oliver.



On Monday 24th April 2000 Channel 4 (UK) will be screening a program hosted by Graham Norton showing some of the greatest TV moments in British TV history, the program features an extensive collection of clips including Delboy's bar propping scene, catch it at 21:00.



Probably the most sort after episode of Only Fools and Horses is now available, but you can't get it from any shops, it's only available from Appreciation Society, I have been in touch with Perry of the Society who confirms that they only have a few copies left priced at 8.50 inc P&P, to get your hands on a copy write to:


Only Fools And Horses Appreciation Society,
Jackie Rayner,
190 Billet Road,
Chadwell Heath,
RM6 5QR.


Thanks to Tony for bringing this to my attention.





Only Fools and Horses is Britain's best loved TV sitcom ever. Dodgy dealers Del Boy and Rodney beat a challenge from classics old and new to top the poll in a new survey. Second favorite was Men Behaving Badly with The Vicar of Dibley coming in third.

Pollsters quizzed 1,000 adults for the survey, commissioned by internet bank The poll found two in three Britain's want to see more home-grown comedy.



You can see Delboys look a like in a new program on ITV on Monday 20th March 2000 at 20:30 it's titled The Lookalikes Agency and stars amongst others, Marice Canham who is a dead ringer for Del. It also stars Sue Bradbury who is Absolutely Fabulous as Joanna Lumley's character Patsy. Check it out. Picture Right.



Says readers of the popular UK newspaper, The Sun, TV critic Gary Bushell launched a cyber poll asking readers to vote for what they though was the greatest TV moment and Del-boy falling through the bar in Yupply Love came top. 



According the online retail book retailer Amazon a new audio cassette of Only Fools and Horses is due to be released on 2nd October 2000, unfortunately at present there are no details to say exactly what episode(s) are to be featured on the audio cassette, but I will keep you updated when I find out more.



John Challis is to star in a program called "Space Invaders" to be broadcast on Cable and Satellite TV channel Discovery Home and Leisure on 2nd April 2000 at 13:30 (repeated again 4th April 2000 at 08:00). He is to show presenter Tommy Walsh of the BBC's Ground Force program around his former Abbots house in the Welsh marches, which includes a bedroom reputedly used by Charles I.



Actress Tessa Peake-Jones, who played Raquel in Only Fools And Horses, has hinted that the series could one day return to the screen. She told this week's Woman's Weekly that the cast had come under pressure to reprise their roles since the last episode was transmitted three years ago. And she said she thought it was possible that the sitcom would make a comeback, if the time was right for her and fellow stars David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. She said: "At the end of the final episode we all said that was the last one. Everyone was incredibly emotional because it was like the end of an era. "But the pressure to do another has been amazing and I'm sure everyone would try to be available if it happens. "After all, Del and Rodney became millionaires in the last episode. There must be another storyline after that because they'd be bound to lose it all again, wouldn't they?"



Delboy and a host of other celebrities make guest appearances in the 3,000th edition of the children's comic The Beano. This week's special edition features sketches in which celebrities appear alongside the famous Beano character judged most like them.

Del Boy, from BBC TV's Only Fools and Horses, appears with Roger the Dodger, despite facing stiff competition from Tory peer Lord Archer. 




It was an open and shut case when crusty telly detective Jack Frost was asked to cheer up a sick fan. The tough-talking cop- alias actor David Jason -immediately took time out from his busy schedule to investigate why Carl Holmes was down in the dumps at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Carl, 26, has battled back from the brink of death since being paralysed by a stroke three years ago. But the weightlifter, from Chelmsford, Essex, had spiralled into a deep depression over his painfully slow rate of recovery.  So when caring nurses at the world famous hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks, discovered Carl had been a fan of David ever since he first appeared as Del Boy in Only Fools And Horses, they asked the star to drop him a line. But kind-hearted David-who lost the love of his life, Myfanwy Talog, to cancer five years ago at the same hospital-went one better and instead paid Carl a visit.  Stunned Carl revealed: "I recognised him instantly but couldn't believe my eyes. He walked up to my bed and said 'Hello Carl, I've come to cheer you up'.  "And he was as good as his word. He sat and chatted with me for an hour over a cup of tea. It was like we were old friends.  "He brought me an Only Fools And Horses book and video. We laughed about Del Boy's antics and I told him my favourite moments from the series.  "I have watched it so often I can recite virtually all of it off by heart. David joked that I was after his job but no one could take his place-he's the greatest."  Carl added: "There was a time when I felt sorry for myself and depressed-but I don't feel sorry any more. David's friendship makes me feel very privileged, very special and very lucky."  As well as his lead roles in Only Fools And Horses and A Touch Of Frost, David played Granville alongside Ronnie Barker's domineering Arkwright in Open All Hours, which pulled in 18.9 million viewers for the BBC at its peak in 1985. Better still was the Only Fools And Horses Christmas special when Del won the lottery, which drew 24 million viewers.  And when David switched to ITV to play Pa Larkin in The Darling Buds Of May, every episode topped the ratings, peaking at 18.34 million viewers.

Source News Of The World 9th January 2000