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The complete A-Z of Only Fools and Horses

Released 17th October 2002 (Click Title To Pre-Order)


Orion Trade; ISBN: 0752847317








Only Fools and Horses Vol 3: The Bible Of Peckham  

(click title to order)



BBC Consumer Publishing (Books); ISBN: 0563537450
Includes Transcripts of the 1996 Royal Variety Performance, Del and Rodney's message to the troops during the Gulf War, and their appearance on Comic Relief in 1997, a Nag's Head pub quiz in addition to the scripts. Also included are the hugely popular final episodes of the show, the 1996 Christmas specials in which the Trotters become millionaires.





The Dream Team (click title to order)


Blake Publishing Ltd; ISBN: 1857823893

Find out exactly what is behind the amazing chemistry that David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst create.







Only Fools and Horses Vol 2: The Bible Of Peckham (click title to order)


BBC Consumer Publishing (Books); ISBN: 0563551771

This book contains complete scripts from series six and seven of Only Fools and Horses and has new material including Peckhams Who's Who which is rumored to reveal Granddads real name, and a Cast list of all characters in series six and seven.




David Jason: In His Element (click title to order)

Granada Media; ISBN:0233997253



David Jason: A Life In Pictures (click title to order)

Blake Publishing Ltd; ISBN: 1857823923








Only Fools and Horses Vol 1: The Bible Of Peckham (click title to order)


BBC Consumer Publishing (Books); ISBN: 056355150X

This book contains complete scripts from the first five series of Only Fools and Horses and has new material including the Trotter Dictionary, revealing Del's novel command of the English (and French) Language, and a Cast list of all characters in the first five series




bookofahstory (15254 bytes)The Only Fools and Horses Story - by Steve Clark (click title to order)

1998 BBC Worldwide - Hard Back. ISBN 0 653 38445 X.

The Only Fools and Horses Story takes you back-stage to reveal the secrets of the

hit TV show. It features a complete episode guide and shares behind-the-scenes

details about the real life inspiration for Del's character, how he got his funny lingo

and why he drives a daft yellow van. There are contributions from the shows writer

John Sullivan, and in-depth interviews with the stars.


This fascinating and unique insight into the legendary comedy series tells how the show

was rejected when it was first offered to the BBC, how David Jason nearly missed out on

the starring role and the tragedy of  the death of one of it's stars during filming. Included,

too, are missing scenes that have never been shown on television, the lyrics to the famous

theme tune and loads of facts that you never knew about the show and it's stars.



bookdavidjason (14161 bytes)

David Jason: The Biography (click title to order)

Blake Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1857821874.

The book charts his rise to prominence from his single-minded

determination to build on the early promise he showed in amateur

dramatics after leaving school. It examines his unswerving ambition,

driven by insecurities and the knowledge that his twin brother who

had tragically died at birth. It explores the work of a brilliant

perfectionist whose art has made complicated roles look easy.


It gives a detailed inside account of how Jason's Del Boy Trotter

in Only Fools and Horses helped turn the BBC's situation comedy

into one of the very best in British TV history.



busterduringthewar.jpg (28819 bytes)Buster Merryfield, During The War (click title to order)

Blake Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1873475543.

Buster Merryfield became a household name as Uncle Albert in the long

running television series Only Fools and Horses.


Uncle Alberts famous catchphrase 'During the War...' is relevant to Busters

own life: he served as an officer in Africa during the Second World War, and

his reminiscences are as amusing as those of his television alter-ego.


Buster broke into the notoriously difficult world of professional acting at a

relatively late stage in his life. The heady mix of luck, opportunity, talent,

experience, fearlessness and faith that moulded Busters life and eventually

created this much loved figure of British television comedy makes

entertaining and amusing reading.


You can also order the calendar and audio cassette, check out Merchandise


The books listed below are now out of print


The Trotter way to Millions - by John Haselden

1990 BBC Books, Hard back.


Out of PrintThe Trotter way to Romance - by John Haselden

1991 George Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Hard back.

"How often do you hear people complaining: ‘The polar cap is melting,

the continental shelves are shifting, the rain forest is dying, the sea’s being

poisoned, there’s a dirty great hole in the ozone layer, and I ain’t had a bit in months’?

This book is the answer.
Designed as a step-by-step guide to pick up and put down as you wish (a bit like some

of the birds the author used to know), The Trotter Way to Romance is equally at home on the

bedside table or in the bottom of your exclusive aluminium briefcase. Dip into it last thing at night

or first thing in the morning - whatever turns you on - and you’ll be rewarded with the fruit of

over thirty years’ research in the minefield of romance.


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