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1. What did Boycie's father call him?
2. In The Second Time Around what was the name of Delboy's fiancée?
3. 3. In A Slow Bus to Chingford, where did Del get Rodneys uniform from ?
4. Delboy buy's some lead in The Russian's Are Coming, what does he use the lead for ?
5. In The Long Legs Of The Law, Rodney buy's his new date (a WPC) a present from Delboy, what was the present ?
6. In The Yellow Peril the Trotters paint the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant with luminous paint, what was the paint's original purpose ?
7. Where did the trotters go on their summer holiday in It Never Rains ?
8. Who do the Trotters visit in A Touch Of Glass?
9. What does Del ask Enrico to sing in Diamonds Are For Heather ?
10. Who invites Delboy to be his business partner in Australia?

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