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1. In Modern Men, What room number was Cassandra in during her stay in hospital?
2. What were the last words spoken by Delboy in Time on our Hands?
3. In Only Fools and Horses Selection Box, What theme tune was used for the opening titles?
4. In The Jolly Boys Outing, what coach company took the jolly boys to Margate?
5. In Little Problems, How much did Delboy say he paid for the mobile phone?
6. In Friday The 14th, how much was Delboy going to pay the gamekeep to show them a hole in the fence?
7. In The Longest Night, What was the name of the manager of the supermarket?
8. What is Rodney's middle name?
9. What was the name of Delboy's Tour company?
10. Who hosted OFAH selection box?

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