Sex Drugs Rock n Chips O Fura Vidas Lyrics Last Series John Sullivan

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Derek and Rodney embark on a trip to France, agreeing to visit Uncle Albert's Navy memorial ceremony in his honour.

Upon their arrival at the village, they learn that Uncle Albert was hounded out of the country by the Resistance, due to his randy ways. Del and Rodney notice all the villagers seem to have mariner's beards. Coincidence?

Del, Boycie, Trigg, and Denzil pre-arranged a dodgy booze scam at Duty Free using Denzil's empty vanů much to Rodney's annoyance.

When they arrive they discover an illegal immigrant has seemingly stowed away in their van. Naming him Gary, they house him, only to find he has escaped. Sadly the connection between Boycie's important business deal with a millionaire, and his missing son, isn't made. They wind up in Les Nick, arrested as The Gary Gang!