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thefrogslegacytable.jpg (21748 bytes)"We owe two months rent, we are drinking tea with no milk in it and the Electricity Board keep coming round to find out why their meter is running backwards."

Despite Rodders undertaking a dead impressive new job, life for the Trotters is far from kushti. Del's state-of-the-art computers are going down about as well as bacon sandwiches at a bar mitzvah, while at the market, Uncle Albert's unconvincing performances of lumbago recovery have left the flat knee-deep in x-ray massage gizmos.



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Still, things can only get better ... At Trigger's niece's nuptials ("only a hyphen or two away from a society wedding") they encounter an old friend of the family - Trigg's Aunt Renee. What she tells Del and Rodney about their mum's old pal 'Freddie the Frog' leaves the boys desperate to know more. Rodders is eager to discover why this charming villain left all his ill-gotten gains to the Trotters and how come everyone notes his resemblance to his mum's 'friend'. Del Boy is more interested in what - happened to The Frog's Legacy - a hoard of undiscovered gold bullion. Are they, at last, about to be millionaires?

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