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Delboy, James and RodneyRaquel (Tessa Peake-Jones) is worried about a very important dinner party. Recently reconciled with her parents, James (Michael Jayston) and Audrey (Ann Lynn), she has invited them to Chez Trotter, which doesn't have a history of dinner parties. What will her parents make of Nelson Mandela House and a flat full of patio furniture, a pub-garden bench table and 24 boxes of AquaNibbo Underwater Pens? And, more importantly, what will they make of the man in her life - one Derek Trotter?

The whole family lend a hand to make the evening a success. Del shifts all the old furniture out and replaces it with a banqueting table and twelve chairs - "It has to go back tomorrow, they're having some do at the town hall" - Rodney and Cassandra are in charge of the wines and Albert makes the gravy. Raquel's parents arrive on time and the evening goes well (as well as an evening at the Trotter's flat can go). But then Del and Raquel's father, James, discover they have a common interest - an interest that is about to change their lives forever.

Music (Our House) performed by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

This Episode had the highest recorded British television audience of all time.