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Buster served as an officer in Africa during the Second World War and then become a bank manager before joining Only Fools and Horses.

Television appearances include Love Story `Hannah', The Citadel, Strangers and Brothers, The Royal Variety Performance, The Laughter Show, Points of View, B.A.F.T.A. Awards, Blankety Blank, Wogan, Family Fortunes, Noels House Party (2 appearances), Third Age, Pebble Mill At One, The World Of Paul Mckenna, The National Lottery, That's Show Business, Big Break, Esther, Shroud For A Nightingale, The Time The Place, Paul Daniels Magic Show, The Bobby Davro Show, The Third Wave, Surprise Surprise, Robson's People, A Tale Of Four Ports and recently he's starred in the Hula Hoops promotional advert for Jurassic Park The Lost World.

Films: Pick of the Cherries

Albert came to stay with Del and Rodney after being left behind by the North London side of the family at Granddad's funeral.

  In 1996 he released his autobiography called "During The War and Other Encounters" (ISBN 1 873475 54 3). 

Monday 15th December 1997

Buster Merryfied was nursing a black eye today after hurting himself in a tumble during the British Comedy Awards.

Wednesday 23rd June 1999

Buster Merryfield passes away aged 78, after being admitted to hospital 11 days before with a brain tumour. His wife Iris was at his bedside when he died.


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Buster Merryfields Autograph

Buster Can Currently Be Seen On British TV in the Following Programmes