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- Archive -


December  2000 Updates

News Updated 31/12/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 30/12/00

Facts page updated 30/12/00

Quiz (Quick fire Quiz) more questions added 17/12/00

John Challis page updated 17/12/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 17/12/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 09/12/00

Facts page updated 09/12/00

Books Updated 05/12/00

On TV Updated 03/12/00

Nicholas Lyndhurst's Page Updated 03/12/00


November  2000 Updates

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 30/11/00

News Updated 30/11/00

Facts page updated 26/11/00

On TV Updated 26/11/00

DVD page Updated  26/10/00

Quiz (Quick fire Quiz) more questions added 18/11/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 18/11/00

News Updated 17/11/00

Quiz (Quick fire Quiz) more questions added 17/11/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 17/11/00

News Updated 15/11/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) updated 12/11/00

News Updated 12/11/00

On TV Updated 11/11/00

O Fura - Vidas (Portuguese Only Fools and Horses) Added 11/11/00

Contacts Updated 07/11/00 (Sue Holderness Address)

News Updated 07/11/00

On TV Updated 05/11/00


October  2000 Updates

Video Clips Updated 29/10/00

DVD page Updated new re-scheduled release dates 29/10/00

On TV Updated 29/10/00

On TV Updated 27/10/00

News Updated 26/10/00

David Jason's Page Updated 15/10/00

On TV Updated 15/10/00

Links Page Updated 08/10//00

On TV Updated 08/10/00

On TV Updated 01/10/00


September  2000 Updates

Episode Guide Updated To Include DVD 26/09/00

The Frogs Legacy DVD Added 26/09/00

The Jolly Boys Outing DVD Added 26/09/00

Series 1 DVD Added 26/09/00

DVD Cases Added 26/09/00

Gwenyth Strong's Page updated 25/09/00

Sound Files Fixed 24/09/00

On TV Updated 24/09/00

On TV Updated 17/09/00

Merchandise Updated 11/09/00

DVD's Section Updated 11/09/2000

On TV Updated 10/09/00

News Updated 05/09/00

DVD's Section Updated

News Updated 03/09/00

On TV Updated 03/09/00


August  2000 Updates

DVD's Section added 29/08/00

News Updated 29/08/00

On TV Updated 20/08/00

News Updated 13/08/00

On TV Updated 13/08/00

News Updated 10/08/00

On TV Updated 09/08/00

John Bardon Added To Cast 08/08/00

Merchandise Updated 03/08/00

Complete Series Video's Updated 02/08/00

Other Fools and Horses Video's Added 02/08/00


July  2000 Updates

Complete Series Video's Updated (Series 7 Added) 31/07/00

On TV Updated 31/07/00

News Updated 30/07/00

Books Updated 30/07/00

On TV Updated 30/07/00

Facts page updated 24/07/00

On TV Updated 24/07/00

Facts page updated 23/07/00

Kenneth MacDonald Page Updated 23/07/00

On TV Updated 23/07/00

On TV Updated 19/07/00

On TV Updated 08/07/00


June  2000 Updates

New Poll  26/6/00

On TV Updated 26/06/00

News Updated 26/06/00


May  2000 Updates

On TV Updated 20/05/00

News Updated 20/05/00

On TV Updated 14/05/00

Facts page updated 14/05/00

News Updated 07/05/00

Kenneth MacDonald Page Updated 01/05/00

News Updated 01/05/00

On TV Updated 01/05/00


April  2000 Updates

Quiz Questions added and wrong answers fixed 16/04/00

News Updated 16/04/00

On TV Updated 16/04/00

News Updated 03/04/00

Video Clips Added 01/04/00

On TV Updated 01/04/00


March  2000 Updates

News Updated 27/03/00

News Updated 26/03/00

Video Clips Added 26/03/00

Gallery Advertisements Updated 26/03/00

On TV Updated 26/03/00

News Updated 18/03/00

On TV Updated 12/03/00

Facts page updated 5/03/00

On TV Updated 5/03/00

News Updated 1/03/00


February  2000 Updates

News Updated 13/02/00

Merchandise Updated 13/02/00

On TV Updated 13/02/00

Video Clip of the Week Page added 13/02/00

Books Updated 06/02/00

Video Suppliers Updated 06/02/00

Merchandise Updated 06/02/00

On TV Updated  06/02/00

Video Clip of the Week Page added 06/02/00


January  2000 Updates

David Jason's Page Updated 31/01/00

On TV Updated  31/01/00

Quiz Page updated 25/01/00

Links Page Updated 25/01/00

On TV Updated  23/01/00

Links Page Updated 16/01/00

News Updated 16/01/00

News Updated 10/01/00

On TV Updated  09/01/00

Gallery Updated 09/01/00

Merchandise Updated 07/01/00

Cast Updated 06/01/00

Books Updated 06/01/00

David Jason's Picture Gallery Updated 02/01/00

Merchandise Updated 02/01/00


December 1999 Updates

Nick Lyndhursts Photo Gallery Updated 29/12/99

Gallery Off Screen Updated 14/12/99

On TV Updated with Christmas Schedule 14/12/99

Links Page Updated 12/12/99

Video Clips Added 12/12/99

Merchandise Updated 11/12/99

News Updated 7/12/99

Books Updated 5/12/99


November 1999 Updates

Merchandise Updated 8/11/99

Fools Fonts Added 6/11/99

John Challis Gallery Added 3/11/99

Merchandise Updated 3/11/99

Comedy Pack Page Added 3/11/99


October 1999 Updates

On TV Updated 31/10/99

Video Clips Added 31/10/99

News Updated 31/10/99

Links Page Updated 31/10/99

News Updated 28/10/99

News Updated 27/10/99

Nick Lyndurst's Page Updated 27/10/99

David Jason's Picture Gallery Updated 26/10/99

Nick Lyndhurst's Picture Gallery Updated 26/10/99

Merchandise Updated 17/10/99

Book added 17/10/99

Video Clips Added 17/10/99

News Updated 10/10/99

Video Clips Added 10/10/99

Video Clips Added 3/10/99


September 1999 Updates

Video Clips Added 25/9/99

Video Clips Added 18/9/99

News Updated 12/9/99


August 1999 Updates

New Quiz Added 30/8/99

Buster Merryfields Tributes page updated 15/8/99

News updated 14/8/99

Links Page updated 14/8/99

On TV Updated 7/8/99


July 1999 Updates

Paul Barbers Page updated 12/7/99

On TV Updated 12/7/99

Buster Merryfields Gallery Picture Added 1/7/99

Buster Funeral Photo's Page Picture Added 1/7/99


June  1999 Updates

Buster Funeral Photo's Page Added 30/6/99

News updated 30/6/99

Buster Merryfields Gallery Picture Added 28/6/99

On TV Updated 28/6/99

News udated 28/6/99

Facts page updated 25/6/99

News updated 25/6/99

Buster Merryfield Tribute Page Updated 25/6/99

Buster Merryfields Gallery Pictures Added 24/6/99

Main Page Updated New Picture of Buster Merryfield 24/6/99

Buster Merryfield Tribute Page Updated 24/6/99

Buster Merryfield Tribute Page Updated 23/6/99

Buster Merryfield Tribute Page Created 23/6/99

Main Page Updated 23/6/99

News Updated 23/6/99

Picture added to Fatal Extraction 16/6/99

News updated 13/6/99

Kenneth Mcdonalds page updated 13/6/99

New picture added to John Challis page 10/6/99


May  1999 Updates

Fatal Extraction Videoclip added to Videoclips 31/5/99

News Updated 29/5/99

Fatal Extraction release date added to Episode Guide 28/5/99

More Croatian advertisements added to Gallery Advertisements 28/5/99

Temporary discussion forum opened 25/5/99

New Quiz Added 25/5/99

Picure added to Yuppy Love in Episode Guide 12/5/99

Fatal Extraction video cover added 12/5/99

On TV Updated 11/5/99

More details added to Books page 11/5/99

Only Fools and Horses Calendar's and the AudioTape can now be ordered online see Merchandise for more details. 10/5/99

Only Fools and Horses Books can now be ordere online see Books for more details. 10/5/99

Picure Added to Hereos and Villians 1/5/99

Picture Added To Award Page 1/5/99

New Poll 1/5/99


April  1999 Updates

News Updated 30/4/99

Picture added to David Jasons Gallery 28/4/98

Fools Fact on 1st Page Changed 28/4/99

On TV updated 28/4/99

Christmas Tree's added to Episode Guide 18/4/99

On TV Update 18/4/99

News update 6/4/99

TV guide update 6/4/99

Roger Lloyd-Pack Photo Gallery Updated 3/4/99

Craig's site added to links page. 3/4/99

UK Golds Fools Day Advertisement added to Advertisement Gallery 3/4/99


March  1999 Updates

More Video Clips (Series 2 Episodes 5-8) 28/3/99

News Update (24/3/99)

On TV updated (24/3/99)

More Sound Bytes added to Sound Bytes Section

New Menu Bar

More Video Clips Added (Series 2 Episodes 1 -4)

Croatian Advertisement for Miami Twice added to Advertisment Gallery

Video Clip's from 1st Series added to Video Clips Section.

More pictures added to episode guide.

Video Clips section added with Opening Titles included


February  1999 Updates

BBCV6707 - Rodney Come Home added to Episode Guide

News Updated (21st February 1999)

News Updated (20th February 1999)

Mail interface changed and fixed

Fatal Extraction video added to Episode Guide

Search engine added, yes you can now search the site.

2 Pictures added to Roger Lloyd-Pack's photo gallery

Fact added to the Facts page

News Updated

Picture added to Episode Guide - Selection Box


January  1999 Updates

February TV schedule added to OFAH on TV

Search newsgroups automatically for discussions on Only Fools and Horses, click dejanews on the links page. (no typing skills needed)

News Updated

Quiz number 2 re-designed, the quiz is now Netscape friendly

Incorrent Link to Westco updated on Merchandise page.

Quiz number 1 re-designed, the quiz is now Netscape friendly. Quiz 2 will be updated pending the outcome of the testing of quiz 1.

New photograph added to Nicholas Lyndhursts photo gallery.

Nick Lyndhursts page updated.

Buster Merryfields Page updated.


December 1998 Updates

All the very latest news on the Stars and series can be found on the news page (found on the main index)

This very page, whenever this site is updated, details will be posted here.

You can now order Only Fools and Horses video's in NTSC format in the USA, see Video Suppliers for more details.


November 1998 Updates

We now have a new quiz on-line, click quiz from the menu bar at the top of this screen, then click quiz 2, if you still have not tried our first quiz click quiz 1.

Also check out the merchandise page for more great OFAH Christmas pressie's.

Do you think John Sullivan should write another episode of Only Fools and Horses for the turn of the new millennium or should he quit while he's ahead, cast your vote now by visiting our polls page by selecting POLL from the menu at the top of the screen.

Now it's even easier to e-mail me, check out mail me from the menu at the top of the page.

Roger Lloyd Packs photo gallery and Damien Derek Trotter profile, check out The Cast page.

Sixteen more photo's of David Jason, click cast from the menu above, then click David Jason, followed by David Jason Photo Gallery